Sex Cams with a Shemale – Yum

I have a confession to make before I write about sex cams.  When I first embarked on transforming myself from male to female, doing shemale cams was never in my mind.  I just wanted to go beyond the body that I was born with and then a funny thing happened.  The more female I became, the more flirty I realized I was.

Shemale Sex Cams

Good Sex Cams always start with flirting.

I think that flirting is an art that tends to be lost, and I am reminded of this every time I am in front  of sex cams. This is why I so enjoy my free cams. I get to flirt a lot, and I have to do it really well if I want to convince my viewers to join me in a private room where… well I’ll do other things as well…

Not everyone will join me in private, of course, not least because of financial restrictions on their part, but I do enjoy this :”pre-alone” time with them. Flirting is very much like foreplay and men tend to forget this very important part of their sexuality.  Becoming woman has brought that into the fore…

What is the best way to enjoy a sex cam session?

Whether you want me, or any one else out there, I can tell you that rude and lewd behaviors are never acceptable. I am often amazed at how rude some people are.  As a rule, the more charming you are, the more points you will score.  Thinks of us as a date you have to impress. Be courteous, gentle and you will become our hero!

It doesn’t happen often, in fact it’s only every happened to me once, my I actually met with a guy in Miami once. We knew each other well from all the time we spent together, and he was always such a gentleman that when her told me he was going to be in Miami and he wanted to meet with me, I said yes.

He’s been walking with a smile on his face every since!  🙂